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The Anatomy Department of Viswabharathi Medical College has sufficient number of teaching staff which includes 3 Professor, 1 Associate Professors and 4 Assistant Professors and 1 Tutors.

It includes a spacious dissection hall (402 Sq.m. which can accommodate 200 students to carryout human dissection. Cadaveric preservation is made in cold storage room with 4 body freezers each can accommodate 4 cadavers, 3 body storage tanks & Embalming room with 2 embalming machines. Teaching aids include especially a projector screen to show live demonstration of dissection & applied aspects, X-Ray lobbies, 75 charts. Instruments required for cutting like band saw, hand saw & brain knife are also available.

Histology lab (302 Sq.m.) is aiming at providing the sound knowledge to students by allotting individual Microscope (Total 90), slides (30 Sets) & Binocular Microscope with CCTV. A preparation room is equipped with instruments required for tissue preparation, sectioning & staining i.e., Rotary Microtome, Sledge Microtome, Incubator, Paraffin Wax Bath, Hot Plate & distillation plant. Other teaching aids include 75 charts &10 Dissecting Microscopes.

Museum (302 Sq.m.) is enlightened with collection of over 150 wet specimens, 75 gross anatomy models, 75 Embryology Models. It is one of the spacious museums in a view to provide clinical knowledge to MBBS students & also to create interest to the visitors. Other teaching aids include 3 full size body 6 models, X-Ray lobbies, 75 charts & 30 full sets of individual bones, articulated skeletons (6 No.s).

Research lab is fully equipped with all the instruments required for tissue preparation, sectioning and staining i.e., Rotary Microtome, Hot Plate etc. Other equipment is meat cutting machine, distillation plant, balance analytical and balance energizer. 2 Demo rooms are equipped with white board & X-Ray lobby & charts. Department library have huge collection of Anatomy Books (1150) and journals.

Sufficient separate rooms for the staff are available. Sufficient lockers (200) are available for the students.

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