About General-Medicine

The Department of Medicine has 150 beds with 5 units with full-fledged faculty. It has become an integral and essential part of the Medical Institution. with growing stress and strain of life, awareness of illness and approachability of Viswabharathi Medical College & Hospital have resulted in increased pool of help seekers with medical problem.

The department of medicine of Viswabharathi Medical College Hospital has been playing a crucial role in meeting these demands effectively and devotedly. The department has are out-patient section, In-patient ward, emergency services and Community Medicine wing. There are critical care services over the round the clock rendered by the faculty and staff of the department of Medicine, Viswabharathi Medical College & Hospital.

Team of the Department:

It has a full pledged Professors, Associate Professor and Assistant Professors. The Superior Colleagues and subordinates have very smooth and cordial relations and have team spirit while serving the needy.

Clinical Services:

History taking, Clinical examination, Proper diagnosis, effective treatment, regular following and Compliance of treatment with human touch and warmth are hall marks of the clinical services provided in the department of Medicine, Viswabharathi Medical College Hospital. Out-patient services start at the stroke of 9.00AM and continue. In-patient and emergency services are provided round the clock. The department also has well equipped CCU & MICU with 5 beds each.

Our Contacts

  R.T Nagar, Penchikalapadu Kurnool-518467 India


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