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Department of Dentistry of Viswabharathi Medical College is well equipped & advanced. Dental chair, Intra oral Periapieal radiographic medicine, all types of cements including light curable system, ultrasonic scalar machine, Aceotor & Restring instruments are available.

Various treatment procedures like oral Prophylaxis, Amalgam, GIC, Composite Restorations Extractions, Anterior& Posterior root canal therapy, full/partial veneer crowns, fixed, partial dentures of types metal/ceramic/zirconium, removable partial dentures, flamisection, radisection, complete dentures, splining are done.

Surgical procedures such as apicoectomy, minor cyst enucleations are done. Plans are being made to extend treatment modalities.

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  R.T Nagar, Penchikalapadu Kurnool-518467 India


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