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The Department of Biochemistry has qualified and experienced teaching faculty. The student laboratory can accommodate 96 students. The lab is provided with all necessary latest equipments to conduct students’ practical classes. Charts are exhibited in the student lab so that students can learn biochemistry by looking at them. There are 2 demonstration rooms and each can accommodate 75 students. The demo rooms are provided with over head projector. Charts are exhibited in the demo room also.

There are 84 books in the departmental library for regular and reference reading purposes. There is a central library, where students can secure different text books in biochemistry. Spacious rooms are provided for all teaching and non-teaching staff in the department. Two big lecture halls are provided to carry out lecturer classes. The lecture halls are provided with modern Audio Visual Aids like, Over Head Projector, LCD Projector and in built microphones and provision for E-classes.

The clinical laboratory in the hospital is also under the supervision of Biochemistry Department which does all basic and advanced Biochemical Investigations. Research laboratory is established in the college to carryout research work. With the above facilities the students will have good exposure for the latest Biochemical Investigation.

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