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The department of Pathology has facilities for teaching “Pathology” to the undergraduates and a service wing offering clinical investigation services to the out patients, in patients and emergency cases. These services are offered through central laboratory located in Viswabharathi General Hospital attached to the Medical College.

Central laboratory has got three main sections Pathology, Biochemistry and Microbiology offering their respective department wise relevant clinical investigations to the patients.

Pathology department has got three sub sections namely

  1. Clinical Pathology & Haematology
  2. Cytopathology
  3. Histopathology

In Clinical Pathology, blood, urine & body tissue fluids investigations are done. Hematology section is equipped with latest cell counter Bone marrow aspiration, B.M. Biopsy and reporting services are available. Internal Quality Controls & Callibrations of all instruments are done regularly.In Cytopathology FNAC Guided, FNAC non guided, Pap smear reporting and exfoliative cytology services are offered.

Histopathology study & reporting of Biopsy specimens of excised organs/tissues are done. immuno histochemical facilities are also available.

All the sections & subsections of central lab have experienced faculty, well trained and experienced technicians and all the sections are equipped with latest equipment.

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