About MicroBiology

Viswabharathi Medical College has a well established microbiology department with a Professor, Associate professor,Assistant Professor & a Tutor and well trained technicians.

It has 2 sections serology and culture.

Serology is located in central laboratory along with Biochemistry and Pathology. In Serology section rapid serological tests are done like HBs Ag, HCV, HIV, RPR, Widal, ASO, CRP, RA factor, MP etc.

Well equipped culture lab containing auto claves, Hot air oven, water bath, incubators, Laminar air flow, ELISA reader and a binocular microscope are available. Bacterial and fungal cultures are done from all relevant clinical samples.

Books and journals for reference are available in the Library.

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  R.T Nagar, Penchikalapadu Kurnool-518467 India



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