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The department of physiology is embedded in the first floor and it offers the best education with friendly environment that support the practice of new skills. We have sufficient number of Teaching Staff which includes 1 Professor, 1 Associate Professor, 6 Assistant Professors & 1 Tutor

The Department has full pledged infrastructure, equipment and experienced qualified teaching staff as per the Medical council of India (MCI) requirements

The infrastructural facilities include spacious 2 Lecture Galleries with all the Audiovisual equipment, Power Point; Section Library, Seminar Room, Research Lab, 2 Demonstration Rooms & Staff Rooms, Well equipped separate laboratories for

• Haematology lab is aiming at providing the sound knowledge to students by allotting individual microscope. A preparation room is equipped with instruments required for conducting practicals. Other teaching aids include charts.

• Clinical Physiology lab is enlightened with collection of models, charts & equipments which include Cycle Ergography,ECG recording facility for students learning, Polygraphs, Calorimetry, Perimetry. This lab provides clinical knowledge to MBBS students & also creates interest to the visitors.

• Mammalian Physiology lab has a collection of charts, equipments and a preparation room. Artificial lung machine for animal experiments, Animal weighing machine.

• Amphibian lab is one of the spacious labs aimed at providing the sound knowledge of amphibian practicals by allotting individual kymograph. A preparation room is equipped with instruments for drum smoking and pithing. Other teaching aids include charts.

• Research lab is equipped with proper instruments for doing research work and is in regular touch with the Teaching Hospital.

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  R.T Nagar, Penchikalapadu Kurnool-518467 India


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